Scaling Azure through TSQL

The Azure tier performance varies widely to meet the needs and budget of everyone. But, if you have a database that only needs high performance during a batch, you can scale up and down to bring down the average cost of the database per day.

To get the current level of your database:

Select databasepropertyex(db_name(),'ServiceObjective')

To change the level:

Alter Database <Your_DB> 
modify (Service_Objective='S3', Edition='Standard')

Edition is one of Basic, Standard, or Premium.

Service_Objetive is S0, S1, S3, P1, P2, P6 etc.

If you would like to wait for the change, you can set up a loop. I have noticed a loss of connection when the level change is complete. This may be to close the logs and complete the change. Just be careful if you are trying to continue within a job. You may have to schedule the increase 1 hour before the batch and then lower the service level at the end of your batch dynamically.

Here is an example of moving from a P1 to S3 with a 5 minute loop:

Alter Database <Your_DB> 
modify (Service_Objective='S3', Edition='Standard')

Declare @AzureLevel sql_variant = (select databasepropertyex(db_name(),'ServiceObjective'));

While @AzureLevel = 'P1'
       WAITFOR DELAY '00:05:00'  -- Wait 5 minutes
       set @AzureLevel = (select databasepropertyex(db_name(),'ServiceObjective'))
Print('Now at S3 level')

If you have a database that only needs a higher service level for a few hours a day, give this a try and it could save you some money each month.

Bob Blackburn

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