Big Data Analytics Getting Easier

 -- A Look at Datameer's Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics Application

 As a pioneer in big data analytics, Datameer just released[i] the first pre-packaged application, Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics App, making big data analytics easier for marketing executives.  This new application is a premium add-on that can be easily added onto the Datameer existing platform.  Datameer app marketplace already offers various add-on applications, both free and paid, with pre-packaged analytics for various big data analysis.  Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics App is Datameer’s first release of its planned series enterprise grade applications that target various vertical areas of the enterprise needs – this time, the needs of a marketing executive.

As of now, CMOs have to pull from multiple sources and systems for marketing campaigns conducted using different channels.   For example, data for trade shows, webinars, websites, online advertising, and traditional ad placements do not reside in the same source system.   Those data cannot typically be easily integrated and are not ready for consumption together to provide a complete picture.  Datameer’s Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics App uses many pre-built connectors (see figure 1 below) that can easily inject data from different sources--almost like opening multiple spreadsheets.   Leveraging Datameer’s dimension-free modeling, all useful data can be quickly mashed up for a complete analysis.

  Figure 1. Datameer connectors for various data sources

With Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics App, using pre-built analytics with minor adjustments on organization specifics, you could very quickly gain marketing insights (see examples in figure 2 below) such as

 Figure 2. Insights from Datameer Multi-Channel Marketing application

Since the most popular new customer path can be a combination of different channels, traditional silo marketing data are not able to provide insights into the inter-relationships among multiple channels.  For example, a lead may be generated when a potential customer clicked on an online ad.  He then signed up to the webinar showed on the ad,  looked at company website for more details after the webinar, took the effort to visit the company booth at a tradeshow a few month later, talked to a company rep in person, and finally was convinced to become a customer.  Using traditional solution, it is difficult to track and analyze the path that this customer went through.  Datameer’s Multi-Channel Marketing Analytics App provides an easier way to get that kind of insights for marketing executives to understand how their leads converted to customers, where their high quality leads come from, what assets have most influence on customer conversion…

To learn more about Datameer, the company website provides multiple resources including documentation, free videos, trainings, etc.   Datameer free trial version can also be downloaded from the website.


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