SSDT-BI Debugging using SQL Server 2014 - Part 1

SSDT-BI Debugging using SQL Server 2014 - Part 1

I will be describing how to debug using the Microsoft SSDT-BI tool used in SQL Server 2014. I will start from the beginning so the first couple of post will be very basic.

In this blog post I will be setting breakpoints in SSDT. Keep in mind you can only set Breakpoints in the Control Flow task not in Data Flow task.

I'll be using SQL Server 2014 and the SSDT-BI tool for SSIS debugging

Install SSIS example solution from here: 

Download the and follow the instructions to create the solution and package.
Install the AdventureWorksDW 2012 DB (make sure you install in your 2014 DB instance)
After installing the sample ETL open the Lesson 6 package. It should look like this:

Now let's set a breakpont in the control flow by right clicking at click Edit Breakpoints (see below) or just press F9.

Select the OnPreExecute event and press OK which breaks when a task is about to execute. This event is raised by a task or a container immediately before it runs. Read more about Breakpoints here:  <


Once the breakpoint is set run the package using the debugger. You will notice a red dot with an arrow to indicate that the execution has stopped at the breakpoint.

At this point you will be able to look at variable values and other pertinent information about your package which will be reviewed in the next blog.