Color Code Server Connections

Bob Blackburn

If you have been a developer or DBA for more than say 10 minutes, you need to work on multiple servers at the same time. Often with multiple query tabs per server. With SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), you can color code the connection. This gives you a quick visual to what server you are working on without having to hover over the tab. It also helps avoid those ‘Doh’ moments of running DDL or update statements on a database you didn’t want or even think you had authority to.

Only a few steps to color code your tabs.

Open a Database Connection dialog box.

Click on Options>>

Select Use custom color checkbox. Then Select box to select your custom color.

Select your color. I will pick red. Click OK. Then click Connect

Open a New Query tab and the custom color will be on the bottom ribbon.

I have set up different colors for Production, QA, Development and local. It saves time and helps avoid accidently doing something in the wrong database.