QlikView Access Point Folder Setup

Folder structure

Depending on client needs, folder structure within Access Point can vary. Our test server has the following structure:

Root folder should be pointed to QlikView \Root. Root folder does not have any user documents and you should leave this one empty (you will find system files with a .pgo extension get created in here).

There are time when you need to provide a user with two versions of the same document. For example one production document that was already approved for analytics and an updated document with additional functionality that still needs to be tested by user. To accomplish this, create “Production” and “Testing” folders and mount them giving a user friendly names.

Any QlikView document placed in any of these mounted sub folders will appear in Access Point (provided the user has the correct AD permissions). For this reason it is important to not mount a folder that sits within another mounted folder – as all documents in that folder will appear in Access Point twice. By mounting other folders you have more control over where your documents sit, you can also remove documents from Access Point (perhaps temporarily) without physically removing the files.

Referenced article: http://www.quickintelligence.co.uk/qlikview-folder-structures/

Document Categories and Attributes

To manage documents within Access Point, you can use categories and attributes.

Once a document is uploaded into “Production” or “Testing” folder, click on User Documents under Document within QlikView Management Console (QMC) to assign categories and attributes. Then highlight the document you want to manage and click on Document Information tab.


Select category (choose between “Production”, “Testing”, or “Demo”.
Type Attribute name such as “Healthcare” and then value such as “Qlik Demo”.
Once the changes applied, and Access Point is refreshed, the corresponding categories will be reflected.

As a general rule, Anexinet Access Point is organized as follows:

·         Category: (defines environment. At any time on or more environment can be removed from Access Point)
o   Production
o   Testing
o   Demo

·         Attribute: (defines industry type)
o   Healthcare
o   Sales
o   Energy

·         Attribute Value: (describes application)
o   Qlik Demo
o   My Demo
o   Application Name

This organization is flexible and can be adjusted as new business requirements arise.